NaPoWriMo2017 - DEMARCATES - GloPoWriMo2017 - Day 24


My Mr. Hyde
always behind
the light

My Dorian Gray portrait
painted with
the absence of color

My only visual
of the enemy within
transported by sun beam

Is that what
you are of me
a black-hole body outline
that widens and lengthens
by day
with my hidden doings
by night

Would you fall
to nothingness
if there was 
only night

Would I burn
to nothingness
if there was
only day

You are my shade
I am your pale silhouette
neither whole

April 24, 2017

Creative Writing Now prompt 4 - write about your shadow.

Image of unknown origin, used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.

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