Searching For Poetry

Out of cubeville early
in the wrong shoes for a jaunt
and I proceed to get
utterly lost
in the garden of Beantown

Underground is easy
the colors lead the way
and the view
is beyond rainbow
handsome in scrubs
Friday night law review file
tux & tales with full pedobear head
and an electric guitar
"Tonight's the Night"
another handsome in scrubs
(is there a convention?)

Above ground at night
wrong directions
missing is easy in the dark
walkers "don't know"
what street they're walking

"I'm late! I'm late!"
said this limping rabbit
even if I knew the way
the path is too far

Taking a chance on Orange
to get home
back below ground
baggy pants
skinny jeans
red cowboy boots
and a sad shade of an actor

(I had forgotten the beauty of younger men)

Wrapped in the warmth of home
I discover the City of Lights
has been bombed
(WTF?! Did someone declare war on art & pastry?!)

and the poetry
remained unfound
and silent

but not for long

April 13, 2016

Image: "Endowing Vegetables With Too Much Meaning" by Kevin Kantor: image used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.

Based on my trying to get to a poetry slam Kevin Kantor was performing at in Boston, MA, on Friday 13, 2015 (Paris attack).

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