My Secret Place

My Secret Place

In a lion’s mane
the oils
the length
sometimes soft
sometimes harsh
sometimes not strong
coming out in my hands
other times it holds me in
through all the running
and hunting
and nightmares

How did I find him
Where did I find him
How did I end up in his mane

When he eats
getting splattered
by blood
Sustenance through all the fallow times
and split ends

When he is injured
his stuffing is red
and white
and fluffy
and I tuck it back in
and sew him up tight

He lives on a very empty plain
with me in his mane
roaming to the end of the world
at the end of the bed

October 5, 2015
Tressa Lee Breen 

Inspired by OctPoWriMo2015.

Cannot remember where I found image, used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made and no offense intended.


Thank you for taking the time not only to read but to write!