Two For One

Two For One                                                 

In the beginning
there were three of us
but we played shark
there were two of us

One womb
one bed
two lives
one will

We shared the homework
straight A’s
for a piece of A

We shared lovers
mirror-biased or breeder
and put notches on our handcuffs

One hand
one heart
we’ll cut this life together
rolling over any
who try to silence our whispers

October 1, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by OctPoWriMo2014 Day 2 prompt: Two. 

First image: book cover, "Whispers" by Dean Koontz.

Second image: movie, "Dead Ringers"

Third image: movie, "Hellraiser: Bloodline".

All images used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.

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