The Golem And The Gollum

Built on a foundation of clay
with death on the mind

Grown by an obsession of gold
with one thing in mind

Towering over everything
the inescapable action

Scurrying around nothing
the precious desire

Slaves to the Want
we hates it

Redemption not found
in traveling companions
or the name of god

It’s love
in forms as ugly as we
that lays us down
at the crack of doom

May 3, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Notes on Golem:
Jewish folklore, inanimate matter, stone and clay. 
"my unshaped form"
brainless lunk
slave to creator
inability to speak
name of god on paper put in mouth or on forehead to animate, removal = immobilized
fell in love, rejected, rampage
one day of rest or rampage
takes instructions literally

Gollum on Wikipedia

Notes on Gollum:
Hobbit, Smeagol ("burrowing")
corrupted by the one ring
underground lake, island, cavefish (goblins), lamp-like eyes, Misty Mountains
riddles with Bilbo
worships spider
captured/tortured by evil
failed redemption with would-be friends
death with Precious in Crack of Doom
strong, sinewy/emaciated, few teeth, loincloth, little hair, sallow
duel personality
third person
plural, hobbitses not hobbits, Bagginses not Baggins, hates it

First image from "Sherlock" season one, episode three, "The Great Game".

Second image from one of Peter Jackson's Rings/Hobbit movies (sorry, don't know which one). 

Both images used without permission, no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended. 

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