NaPoWriMo2014 #9 ~ The Joke's On Me

The Joke's On Me

It should've been a stepping stone
a foundation
a leg up
a beginning
not quicksand

Isn't that what home should be
a sturdy boat on an ocean
a safe world, child
'til you float down your own river, man
not a whirlpool

"Follow me
stay with me"

and I did
traveled through time
without moving a minute

Life's pulled a fast one
on this slow one

April 9, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by NaPoWriMo's Day Nine prompt: take any random song play list and use the next five song titles in a poem.

"The Joke's On Me" by Jordan Zevon.

"Stepping Stone" by Duffy.

"Home" by Jordan Zevon.

"River Man" by Nick Drake.

"Follow Me" by Muse.

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Thank you for taking the time not only to read but to write!