NaPoWriMo2014 #26 ~ Things That Should Be Lost

Things That Should Be Lost

I found a sheet of stickers on the floor of a fast food joint
They were young, colorful
florescent chicks
vibrant bees
butterflies and doves
white lambs
orange carrots
pink bunnies
and decorated eggs
They were Easter themed
but not commercial-holiday-Easter...

A symbol of an old gruesome form of capital punishment
was emblazoned on those old round fertility symbols
The representation of the death of a god
who sacrificed himself to himself 
to save humanity from his anger
after forcing a child-girl 
to carry, birth and raise him
without her permission 
telling her it was her honor

Was it a child-girl who lost the stickers
while waiting for her burger and fires
Is her family raising her to sacrifice herself
to a bronze iron age death cult 
grown to a twenty-first century super power

When she's a woman will she alter how she
for the approval of a mythological sky god
who would damn her to an eternal lake of fire
if she doesn't believe she's nothing without him

All our deities have their moments
then peel off time
and become history

It's long past time to lose 
the comforting adult fairy tales
unstick the indoctrinations
and drop the faith

April 16, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

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