NaPoWriMo2014 #25 ~ Cauldron Bed

Cauldron Bed

I was formed inside a cauldron

stirred together by a bone spoon
touched by generations
the marrow long since fed upon
by bone mites

Blood of the ancestors soaked me

pinches of black block cognitive functions
ladles of obedience
not an ounce of questioning
broken yellow wings of fear
dull dabs of gray laziness
and a few strawberries
to make it seem normal

I may have birthed from that iron circle

but it's always been inside me
Heavy and collecting ingredients
edible addictions
mental obsessions
slowly taking the place
of movement
of conversation

It's the only ambitious thing about me left

it's expanding
under my skin
familial larvae 

My only energy

the viciousness of my empty emotions

My only character foundation

the weight of my existence

I keep clicking the remote

watching the creativity
the living 
of others
as I spread further over my bed
and continue
to slowly drown

April 25, 2014

Tressa Lee Breen

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