Moon Creature

Moon Creature

like me…

Alone when I came into being
my Creator screamed when he beheld me
and cast me out
for he
my Father
in his lunatic wisdom
with sewn together grave bits
had forgotten to make me beautiful

You were there
when I crawled over the land
what are you
what am I
not understanding
I felt

Then those like my Father
taught me
and all names
for all things
even you
except me

Always your silver light was there
is there
making my path glow
back to my Father

I’ll beg of him
a boon
Make me a Love

If granted
she and I will live together
happy under your gaze

If not…

As you often hide
I too will take cover
and in the time of my waxing
show my Master's Love
another word I have gleaned

I have learned how to lie

October 8, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Cannot remember where I found first image.

Second image from "Danny Boyle's Frankenstein".

Both images used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.



I can’t remember when it came rolling in
maybe it’s been there
a security blanket
an iron maiden
that damp feeling
of wet woolen traditions
to the metallic taste
of regurgitated words
on an ancestral tongue

The stench of ignorance
hurts my eyes
but the way is clearing
and I see knowledge
honest and rooted
on my new path

the familial silence is dissipating
and I begin to hear
like a lark singing in the sunrise

October 7, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by, and image from, OctPoWriMo2014 Day 7 prompt: Silence.



Growing up in the womb
of someone else’s aborted dream
until the umbilical fills me up
and crowds me out
leaving only the maternal desire
now mine

What I would’ve wanted
tries to seep out
and I scratch scratch scratch it away
I’ll dance on my broken bones
over and over
before I bow

I don’t need to know
who I am
touching it
is all I want
and when I do
I’ll fall right through
for there is nothing
can be nothing
after being

October 6, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Image from the movie "Black Swan" (image distorted by me using iPhoto), used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended. 

Curse Me

Curse Me                                                        

Too many opinions
growing this forest
desert dry
they steal half truths
dew in the morning
and drink it up
like rainstorms

Care for the oldest oak
becomes unmanageable
too many rings
deep roots
we are crushed by the load
of our own identities

The tree falls
and no one hears
over the thunder
of wooden words

It’s time to disembark
move on from this familial grove
and if the leaves I rarely see
wish to damn my name
for as long as their wind will blow
they have my blessing

October 5, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen



I’ve stayed too long
in this dark place
preening in my childhood
sleeping away my youth
while high from a nip here and there
at mediocrity

I break this box open
and get slapped by the sun
this queen’s both alive
and dead

My fur’s on end
haunches up
whiskers razor the air
tail whips my prison to pieces
then I vomit a hairball on it
to expedite its decomp

I start to dry
then shed
claws break
exposing fingers
I split down the back
slip out
stretch up
stand tall
finally human

So done with being a pussy

October 4, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen



Little pumpkin pop
a crooked
jagged smile
bitten into it
cuts a crooked
jagged death
into you

So keep Jack’s lanterns lit
till the moon begins to fall
and all have got their candy
or risk a visit from a sweetie
that will make your blood run sour

October 3, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by OctPoWriMo2014 Day 3 prompt: Sweet.

Image from the movie "Trick 'r Treat": used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.

Two For One

Two For One                                                 

In the beginning
there were three of us
but we played shark
there were two of us

One womb
one bed
two lives
one will

We shared the homework
straight A’s
for a piece of A

We shared lovers
mirror-biased or breeder
and put notches on our handcuffs

One hand
one heart
we’ll cut this life together
rolling over any
who try to silence our whispers

October 1, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by OctPoWriMo2014 Day 2 prompt: Two. 

First image: book cover, "Whispers" by Dean Koontz.

Second image: movie, "Dead Ringers"

Third image: movie, "Hellraiser: Bloodline".

All images used without permission, with no credit taken, no profit made, and no offense intended.



Tucked in
bound in
the sticky goo of thoughtlessness
I hear the world
and I twitch

Tied in young
punched one way
then another
my bruises swell
and grow

and I grow
the wounds become talons

and I stretch

The world hears me now
and twitches

October 1, 2014
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by OctPoWriMo Day #1 prompt: chrysalis, butterfly, transformation.

Photo: two separate lunchtime doodles combined.