Third Star

Third Star

Follow me
from the party of my birth
with those thrown out of time
down the turns and bumps of my last road
finding a foul-mouthed angel stealing different time
charging into one last pagan brawl
passing a colorful ferryman and a sci-fi treasure hunting philosopher
by the forest of daydreams become fantasies
over a shortcut cliff to the final bay
where I’ll give up
but never give in

Follow me through
add fires to the stars
among tents filled with joy and deliverance
I’ll raise a morphine toast
As we ride through our choices
over tea and biscuits and a traveling tree
toward a world without me

Follow me down
as I finally finish something
for the first time
and the last
the waves of pain by my own act
I’ll cheat death as I breathe it in
and the tide will take out tragedy
leaving these perfect goodbyes
in the sands of your lives

September 22, 2013
Tressa Lee Breen

Inspired by the movie "Third Star": trailerwebsite, (only Instant Video), (All Regions DVD), IMDb, Wikipedia.

Forgot Want

Forgot Want

Oh yes there was a time I knew desire
and desire knew me
even with this squished melon face
and marshmallow body
desire wanted to taste me
and I wanted to suck its sweetness

Those musky nights of sea and pearls
though deep
never seemed vast
then breaks in the chain
became lost links
and even alone
there were no storms

I didn’t notice passion go nova
didn’t see the heat turn in on itself
and leave a black spot where nothing now lives

I simply forgot Want

Now within me there is a speck of flint
and a throb that flicks against it
almost catches
almost sparks

How can I scream in another’s fire
and merge it with my own
if the last time I burned
was a decade ago
in a work bathroom stall

September 21, 2013
Tressa Lee Breen 
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I’ve tales to tell
or at least
I had
until stupidity and laziness smothered them
and yet
they still try to peek through
like stars on a cloudy night…

the thief of the gross out…

the plague grown fat on death…

young woman devoured by her menstrual blood…

morphing into her hate…

fisher of men’s souls, consumer of children’s minds, enslaver of adults’ lives…

the freaks’ outcasts…

progeny of a monster who kills monsters…

out of someone else’s bullshit I grew my life…

I have seen the light and it is black…

what if crazy is all I have left…

beautiful wreck…

…all those stories
I’m going to unbury those stories
throw them into my grave
and use them to climb out

September 20, 2013
Tressa Lee Breen

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Burn The Brain

Burn The Brain

Burn the brain

fire the memories to stoke the future
toss the embers of what’s been done
flame the forest of old habits

Turn the ground

read new knowledge into the soil
put old tears to good use
fears to motive actions

Plant the sparks

seedlings pop through snows of doubt
some will not survive the spring
recycle those husks for nourishment

Work the field

prepare for harvest
and if this be not worth cultivation
burn the brain again

September 19, 2013
Tressa Lee Breen
author reading poem