Immortal Beloveds

Immortal Beloveds   

A voice wailing out of the web
exploding with the consuming sorrow and painful happiness
only loss can ignite
triggered remembrances
of a youthful pixie
and an onyx empress
both long lost to desires gone dark

The surge of old moments made fresh
with the slam of no more moments to be had
constricts the ability to act
the ability to live

Yet who would lose those rich recollections
to avoid the sharp steel of bereavement
and deny those we treasure their bit of forever

If we create a life of meaningful memories
conceived from joyous matings of chosen friends
birthed in exuberant experiences
swaddled in warm laughter
grown and nourished with the exchange of honesty
cared for and cherished with the sharing of finite time
then the cliché can be made truth

Even though death will without exception end each of us
our love for one another
will never die

August, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

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