Bitten By The Hat: Becoming A Lincolnphile

Bitten By The Hat: Becoming A Lincolnphile

Abrahamic Vampirism + OCD = an eternal obsession...ok, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration.

Yes, I was aware of the “classic story/classic monster” literary mixing going on but wasn’t really that interested. I have loved monsters forever (or at least for my bit of eternity, all 45 years of it so far) but I hadn’t read any of the classics being remixed. I thought “Jane Eyre” and vampires would be a nice potion. Sure enough, “Jane Slayre” came out and I read and enjoyed it.

AbrahamLincoln Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith (who started this craze with “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”) was in a different vein. This was taking an actual once-living being who also happened to be an important US historical figure, and injecting his life, and times, with supernatural creatures.

I don’t know...Lincoln was one of my favorite yesteryear icons when I was very young, vampires have always been my favorite monster, but the mix just didn’t hypnotize me so I didn’t read the book.

Then Facebook sucked me in.  Someone posted a link to the movie, I don’t remember whom, I don’t remember when (probably after sunset), but I clicked on it.

I’ll save my thoughts on the movie trailer, book trailer, and book for a bit later. Suffice it to say that those three things seem to have begun my turn me into a blood-crazed Lincolnphile...I mean reawakened my interest in Lincoln the man...yes (ahem).

This is going to be my chronicle of that obsession, for as long as it lasts, and as many books/movies it absorbs. I’m going to post about each book/movie as I (hopefully) enjoy it, providing a link, an official description of/from the product and my two Lincolns about it.

And if you should happen to get bitten by the hat as well and find yourself perusing online bookstores for Lincoln in the dead of night...make sure your axe is sharp.

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