A review of "The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln" edited by Alex Ayres

The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln edited by Alex Ayres (1992)

From Amazon-

"’Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.’ Rather than the dour soul he sometimes appeared to be, Abraham Lincoln enjoyed a fine, often barbed sense of humor as this lively collection of his salty stories, anecdotes, quotes and speech excerpts proves. Also included in this treasury are his famous addresses, a Lincoln time-line, and sections on Lincoln Lore, Gettysburg Gems and Assassination Secrets.”

My two Lincolns:

The wit and wisdom is separated alphabetically and then by topic. Each quote has a short “when/where” descriptive after it to put it into context (no pictures/illustrations). It tries to capture Lincoln’s voice but only emits the lightest shadow of its whisper. Perfect for those who just want to be able to look cool quoting Lincoln or a youngling just getting interested in Ol’ Abe.

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