A review of "The Transient"

The Transient (Movie Short, 2008)

Description from Youtube-

“The Transient is an 80’s action movie about a homeless vigilante and his caseworker, Steve, as they try and stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln from sucking the blood of four score and seven virgins. This short actually came out before the “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” book was released (and long before the 2012 movie!). At the time there weren’t too many connections between Lincoln and vampires so we thought it was a good premise!”

My two Lincolns:

Oh geez. Such a POE (Piece Of Excrement) that it’s actually kind of enjoyable, in an “Amazon Women Of The Avocado Jungle” sort of way. The zombie with a pacifier is cute. Genre staple of young vampiric chicks harem, or as Lincoln refers to them, “My Cabinet”, included. Almost every line Vampire Abe utters is a slightly modified Lincoln quote, which causes the Transient to angrily shout, “You talk funny!” The height difference between Vampire Lincoln and the Transient is great (Lincoln is 6’4”, the Transient is...not) which leads to a hysterical visual during the showdown. All in all: worth a watch if you’re into tongue-in-cheek film POEs.

(The actor who plays Vampire Lincoln is the same actor who played Abraham Lincoln in the Book trailer for “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”.)

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