A review of "A. Lincoln: A Commitment To Honor: A Unique Portrait Of Abraham Lincoln In His Own Words” edited by Gordon Leidner

A. Lincoln: A Commitment To Honor: A Unique Portrait Of Abraham Lincoln In His Own Words edited by Gordon Leidner (2000)

From Amazon-

No U.S. president has espoused and embodied virtues such as honesty, faith, determination, and character to the extent Abraham Lincoln did. In addition to his quotations on subjects such as leadership, honesty, faith, kindness, and liberty, ‘A Commitment To Honor’ includes insights from those who knew him best and photographs of Lincoln.

My two Lincolns:

This is basically the same type of book as the previously micro-reviewed “The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln” (edited by Alex Ayres, 1992) with better packaging. The quotes are separated into Topics but unfortunately, there are no “when/where” descriptives immediately following (notes are in the back of the book). There are quotes about Lincoln pertaining to the topic by contemporary peers. Again, like “The Wit And Wisdom…” it’s the lightest shadow of Lincoln’s whisper but in a prettier book.

Favorite quote about Lincoln:

“His great mission was to accomplish two things: first, to save his country from dismemberment and ruin; and second, to free his country form the great crime of slavery. To do one or the other, or both, he must have the earnest sympathy and the powerful cooperation of his loyal fellow-countrymen. Without this primary and essential condition to success his efforts must have been vain and utterly fruitless. Had he put the abolition of slavery before the salvation of the Union, he would have inevitably driven from him a powerful class of the American people and rendered resistance to rebellion impossible. Viewed from the genuine abolition ground, Mr. Lincoln seemed tardy, cold, dull, and indifferent; but measuring him by the sentiment of his country, a sentiment he was bound as a statesman to consult, he was swift, zealous, radical, and determined.” ~ Frederick Douglass

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