A review of "Abraham Lincoln: A Life" by Thomas Keneally

From Amazon-

The self-made man from a log cabin, the great orator, the Emancipator, the Savior of the Union, the martyr—Lincoln’s story is at the very heart of American history. But who was he, really? In this outstanding biography, award-winning author Thomas Keneally follows Lincoln from his impoverished birth through his education and presidency. From the development of his political philosophy to his troubled family life and his actions during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln is an incisive study of a turning point in our history and a revealing portrait of a pivotal figure.

My two Lincolns:

A concise, quick read; perfect for those who are curious but don’t have a lot of reading time to spare (183 pages, no pictures/illustrations).

On a personal note, I have no memory of reading of Lincoln’s “first love” Ann Rutledge until this book (excluding “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” in which I wasn’t sure the tale was a “vampire conceit” so to speak). I look forward to learning more.

Unfortunately, as I am still in the beginning of my Lincoln exploration I cannot advise on how accurate, or inaccurate, this book is.

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