Zinc (10)


In your big hunk of head pink
I am a synaptic dark horse
yet in learning I am a key link
helping to keep your nervous system in force

In super novas I am a chink
to become drops of false silver in brass
sometimes to be used by a despicable fink
to tempt pretty ass from a young lass

I’m part of the pennies into Wishing Wells you plink
a coating of me can protect you from sunburn
yet reduction of cold symptoms is done with a wink
about me you have much still to learn

I’ll galvanize batteries and make sure your pits don’t stink
perhaps even slow aging of muscles and skin
keep your hair shiny so you don’t miss out on any kink
just make sure your kin never confuse me with tin

June 19, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Research Tools:

24th most abundant
Copper + zinc = brass
Alchemists burn zinc, "philosopher's wool" "white snow"
Corrosion resistant plating of steel
Batteries, dietary supplements, deodorants, anti dandruff shampoo, luminescent paints
Deficiency effects 2 billion, death of 800,000 per year
Bluish white, lustrous, commercial grades dull finish
Created in supernovas
Bluish green flame
"Drops of false silver" 4th century BC Greece w/ copper in reference to creating brass (weaponry, coins)
4th most common metal in use
Galvanization: coating of iron or steel to protect agains corrosion, 47% worldwide zinc used for this
Pennies - zinc coated w/ copper
Controversial: used to reduce duration/severity of cold symptoms, protect against accelerated aging of skin + muscles
Protects against sunburn/windburn
Eye, prostate, brain, muscle, bones, kidney, liver
Key role in synaptic plasticity, can also be a neurotoxin, "the brain's dark horse", may play critical role in normal functioning of brain + central nervous system
Zinc on Wikipedia

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