Word Tubal Ligation

Word Tubal Ligation 

They’re trying to pour out of me
bleed out of me
desperate to be seen

I want them to come
yearn for their flow
their intensity
literary orgasm at the last period

Yet they stay in the shadows
as little things get in the way
not the right paper
not the right pen
not the write egg
not the write swimmer

Bad timing
urges at inappropriate moments
distractions that I allow
in my quest for perfection

I’ve let myself go
forgotten how to entice the tides
stir those desires
to get those white horses moving
stampeding across my lines plains

I’ve set behind me too much time
I need to touch again
caress the skins of my words
massage the blood to the surface
stroking the meaning out
no matter how hard

I untie the knots I’ve put in
straighten the tunnels
break down the burnt walls

The pages be my eggs
the ink be my swimmers
life is mine to create

January 18, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

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