Silver/Memories In Silver (4)

Memories In Silver

I can come upon you like mercury
when you’re in the middle of other things
reflecting what was
over what is
hitting you like lightening
making you sweat
blindingly brilliant

Time easily tarnishes me
I become sputtering and unfocused
just out of view
causing your teeth to ache

Best to deal with me in comfort
gentle blows to shape me up

Learn from me and I’ll protect you
from the infection of actions repeated
foil your blue moods
and give you the confidence of Royalty

February 2, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:
Soft, white, lustrous, transition metal
Highest electrical and thermal conductivity
Ornaments, jewelry, utensils, coins, contracts, conductors, mirrors
Brilliant white metallic luster, high degree of polish
High social/political rank
Shaped at room temperature, gentle/careful hammer blows
With tin, mercury for filings
Silvering = mirrors w/ silver as the reflecting material
Sputtering = silver applied to glass at various thicknesses, allowing different amounts of light to penetrate
Silver compound used to prevent infection pre-antibiotics
Silver inhibits growth of bacteria/fungi, added to socks to reduce odor
Disinfect water/food during storage during the Middle Ages
Too much absorbed into circulatory system, deposited various body tissues, argyira: blue-grayish discoloration of skin, eyes, mucous membranes - doesn't effect health but usually permanent
Decorative silver foil in traditional Indian dishes - Vark
Silver Dragee - decorative cakes, cookies, desserts
Silver on Wikipedia

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