Silver (4A)


I am the white lightening that bolts up from the ground
an amulet to the monsters of your fantasies
a talisman for the gods of your mythology
an ornament representing prosperity and rank for you

I have kept you safe from small predators
but be warned
too much of me
and your mood will be permanently blue

Work gently with me
and I will be an adornment of beauty
a reflection of all that is
and might be
a conductor of your power

February 4-5, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:

Soft, white, lustrous, transition metal
Highest electrical and thermal conductivity
Ornaments, jewelry, utensils, coins, contracts, conductors, mirrors
Brilliant white metallic luster, high degree of polish
High social/political rank
Shaped at room temperature, gentle/careful hammer blows
With tin, mercury for filings
Silvering = mirrors w/ silver as the reflecting material
Sputtering = silver applied to glass at various thicknesses, allowing different amounts of light to penetrate
Silver compound used to prevent infection pre-antibiotics
Silver inhibits growth of bacteria/fungi, added to socks to reduce odor
Disinfect water/food during storage during the Middle Ages
Too much absorbed into circulatory system, deposited various body tissues, argyira: blue-grayish discoloration of skin, eyes, mucous membranes - doesn't effect health but usually permanent
Decorative silver foil in traditional Indian dishes - Vark
Silver Dragee - decorative cakes, cookies, desserts
Silver on Wikipedia

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