Shalott's Brother

Shalott’s Brother 

Looking at the world on this stage of glass
the only mirror I can bear
I am so tired of Shades
yet so desperate to avoid my poetic sister’s fate

Banished by a mother to an underworld
because of a nature I could not see
born a man
I became a Hades
This is my home
This is my tomb

Some hear a Highwayman of the boards
with the hounds of hell close at heel

Hear, willing Persephone, the thief of your voice
the purveyor of your heart
with the dogs of love
on the right side of danger

Music is the coin of this realm
so take this Charon’s hand
cross this Parisian Styx
this river of your belief
and I will speak the mysteries
of a Seraph living yet undead

Let us exchange this experience

January 18, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

A mash-up of "The Phantom Of The Opera", "The Lady Of Shalott", "Beauty & The Beast" with a bit of "The Highwayman" & some Greek mythology just because. 

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