Lead (3)


I’m common
no hiding
you can find me anytime you look
and a flash of my heavy blue fire
will show you what I can do

I’m easy to extract
no coyness
all you have to do is reach out
into an earthy ancient vocation
and pull me to you

I’m easy to work with
no naivete
simply tell me what you want
and I’ll shine like silver in your caresses

Through your tensions I’ll cut like a scythe
shielding you from nature’s corrosion
I’ll keep you balanced and weighted
insulating you from life’s storms

You can use me to build you up on the outside
but if you don’t protect yourself
I’ll tear you down from the inside

I can ignite with a breath
seep into your soft tissues
dig deep into your bones
and settle down in your brain

I am a world of shades of gray

Embrace me with care

January 22, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:
Build you up on the outside, tear you down from the inside
Skin of Evil (Star Trek The Next Generation)
Soft, malleable, poor, heavy
Bluish whites, tarnishes, dull gray
Shiny chrome silver liquid
Buildings, batteries, bullets, weights, radiation shield
Poisonous - nervous system/brain, blood disorders, neurotoxin, accumulates in soft tissues/bones
Poor electrical, high corrosion resistance
Powdered lead, flame bluish white, toxic fumes/pyrophorus = ignites w/ air
common, easy to extract, easy to work with
Alchemy = lead/Saturn/Scythe/oldest metal
Ballest keel of sailboats counterbalance
Heeling effects of wind on sails
Weight belts - scuba diving
Organ pipes - lead w/ tin
Cable insulation
With brass reduces machine tool wear
Formerly - paints, candle wicks
Breathing, swallowing, touch, kidneys, blood, abdominal pains
Lead on Wikipedia

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