Iron (5)


I was one of the first
to be scattered across the universe
I still am the most produced in fusion
and collapse of those brightest in the night sky

From deep in the core
through to the outer edges
I embrace the earth
in my gray arms

Alone I am soft
turning red and flaky
mix me up
and I am Atlas to your civilizations

Even inside you I flow
keeping your blood breathing

I am a backbone to your world

February 3, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:

Most common element
Most of inner/outer core (iron/nickel)
4th most common in crust
Produces fusion in high mass stars - last before collapse of super nova - scattered into space
Lustrous silver gray
Reactive to oxygen/water - rust (flakes)/rusticles (Titanic)
Pure - softer than aluminum
Hemoglobin/myoglobin - oxygen transport proteins in vertebrates
Enzymes dealing w/ cellular respiration/oxidation/reduction in plants/animals
Steel - up to 1000 harder than pure
Stainless steel cutlery, hospital/food service equipment
Iron on Wikipedia

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