Gold (2)


In myth gods excrete me while on utopian seats
into the rising sun’s smile with the touch you name kings after.

You beat me thin,
mix me with others to raise my strength or change my color.
You inject me into your veins,
grains flowing through your heart,
becoming a nugget in the back of your brain
and a rope to kidnap your desire.

Mine is the standard to which you must pay,
the rule you never break,
the age you spend your years striving to attain.

Fools confuse me with real value,
try to create me from others
and fleece themselves of true wealth.

Conduct yourself well with me
and I will help you weave your way to the stars.

Wrong me
and I will smother you in dense softness.

I am symbol.
I am adornment.
I am debt.
I am freedom.

Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:
Shining down (smile)
Nuggets, grains, veins, alluvial deposits, rope, crystalline, leaf
Dense, soft, shiny, malleable, ductile
Bright yellow
Dentistry, electronics, coinage, art
Beaten thin - translucent -transmitted light appears greenish blue
Sun visors in space suits
Protective coating on satellites
Silver alone = green gold
Iron = blue gold
Aluminum = purple gold
Copper + silver = rose gold
Palladium or Nickel = white gold
Conducts heat
3 decay paths
Pure but soft, mix w/ others to be hard/strong
Flakes/dust - decorative in food and drink
Thread, paint, glass
Midas touch (I have the touch)
Purity, value, royalty, wealth, prestige, love
Thomas Moore's "Utopia" lavatory seats
Alchemy (create me from others), gold from the ocean
Gold Standard, Golden Rule, Golden Fleece - fleeces to trap gold dust, Golden Years, Golden Age
Aztec "god excrement" (teocuitlatl)
Gold on Wikipedia


  1. What an interesting idea for a series of poems.Including the research shows the range of ideas that lead to strong images here. For me, the poem begins with the second stanza, so dramatic.The image that stays is that Midas touch, so difficult to 'see' until I read your notes. Lovely.


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