Copper (1)


Before air touches me I am the purest pink,
malleable like a well worked muscle,
strong to the bone.

Blue blooded through and through with my first breath,
I become the finest crystalline grain.
I become electric.
I can catch the lightning and slam it underground.
I’ll reflect your brassy beauty in lustrous mirrors,
bronze your best memories for the saving.

And like all memories I will fade and tarnish,
turn to the shade of dying embers.

Yet I will always be there,
you’ll wear me like gold when you’re passionate
and together we will create fire.

January 8, 2010
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Resource Tools:
Trace mounts - liver, muscle, bone
Polycrystalline fine grain workable
Blue blood when oxygenated
Mirrors, lustrous beauty
Sterilizing wounds, headaches, sore throat
Brass/zinc, Bronze/tin
Lightening rods, copper cable to underground metal plate, voltage dispersed throughout ground harmlessly
Copper on Wikipedia

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