When you like your viruses with a touch of class: a review of "Body Armor"

Body Armor    (1997)
     When you like your viruses with a touch of class.
Director: Jack Gill.
Starring: Morgan Brittany (Sloane Matthews), Clint Howard (Hutch), Matt McColm (Ken Conway), Ron Perlman (Dr. Ramsey Krago), Annabel Schofield (Marisa).
     Ex-military, black belt professional bodyguard/soldier of fortune Ken Conway is recruited by his ex-fiancée Marisa, who left him at the altar, to find her missing coworker. The search leads him to world renowned virologist Dr. Ramsey Krago, who is secretly creating deadly viruses, releasing them, then "developing" an antidote (which he had created in tandem with the virus) and selling it to the highest paying pharmaceutical company. The Doctor, via poison ring, infects Conway with his latest invention leaving him forty eight hours to get the antidote or die.
     TV movie quality.  The opening music is incredibly tacky. Not the most brilliant dialogue. The lead (McColm) has a tendency to go over-the-top-cocky.  Ron Perlman is the elegant epitome of class and style as the suave, debonair and totally villainous Dr. Ramsey Krago.
     Worth a rainy day rent/buy used.
     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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