When you like your viruses shaken not stirred: a review of "Shakedown"

Shakedown    (2002)
     When you like your viruses shaken not stirred.
Director: Brian Katkin.
     An average TV movie quality, totally formula story of religious fanatic who gets control of a biochemical virus (think the virus from the movie "The Rock"). Too bad for him that he also gets stuck in a bank building during an earthquake with bank robbers and the government agents trying to stop him (led by the impressively physiqued, mildly entertaining Wolf Larson, backed by Fred Dryer) along with the standard "in the wrong place at the wrong time" spunky female (the forever bland Erika Eleniak) and "lived as a wimp but died as a hero at the last minute" male (Brandon Karrer). Has the standard background story to give sympathy to the religious fanatic (wife and son killed in a police raid a few years previous). 
     Basically a decent rainy day movie.
     Worth a rent or buy used.
     The Region 1 DVD has a very interesting audio commentary (I think those with film maker aspirations may especially find it illuminating) with director Brian Katkin and composer Christopher Farrell.
     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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