What I Do Not Know

What I Do Not Know

I have dreamt of you
in waking moments of fitful slumber
I have almost caught your face
but always you stay just out of focus
just out of reach

But the touch of your gaze upon me
a flannel blanket around the heart in life's winter storms
the feel of your lips on my body
the summer sun's embrace
your hands on me
I am fire

And I know the scent of you
your flesh, spirit's clothing
a fabric that assaults all my senses
with its gentle comfort
the taste of discovering you over and over

I hear the music of you
your moans at midnight
your laughter in the light
the joy of making love with you
with words

All this I know
a part of me like fingertips
yet I would not know your face
I would not know your voice
I do not know
your name

August 26, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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