Unnatural Life

Unnatural Life

I walked around an enchanted lake and tried to suck the magick out of nature
going against the cycle trying to find without what I cannot find within

Tokens of metal I leave in the forest
five points in the hollow of a tree
a perfect ten in the throne
two to make twenty down into the deep

I saw amber flames blowing across the surface and fire in the shallow depths
the snout of a stick straight snake
a sleeping turtle stone silent
all embraced in the water

The not so quiet giants tried to wake me
striking me in the chest with a seed of creativity
yet so long has my mind dreamt that I only murmured in my daily night

I caught glimpses of the wind along the side brushing by me but not through
I could hear the land move about me and the pulse of natural life beating

Yet I could not catch the rhythm and move into the primal dance
Barely I could be touched in this upright coma as I walked too long asleep through my now unnatural life

September 8, 2003
Tressa Lee Breen

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