This Is No World For Me

This Is No World For Me

This is no world for me

I starve
for the only nourishment available
is loneliness
It bloats my stomach
and causes my brain to offer me migraines
in place of creative thought

My wallet shrivels
its contents vomited out in an attempt
to stave of the desperation
of a failing life

I rely on written parchment
words of friendship delivered by a stranger
to stoke the fire of hope in me
although its light is black
and its heat has long been cold

Another failure about to happen

How long can I hold back this world
from devouring me
Another morsel to be swallowed whole
and digested without thought
as to what it might have been
had it been given the chance to grow
in its new soil

January 1, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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