This Flower Of Ecstasy (J Five)

This Flower Of Ecstasy (J Five)

Your massage
like velvet tulips delving across my back and neck
pouring into muscles
and burning nerves with nectar of flame

Suddenly you opened around me
pressing the bloom of your lips upon my body

Skin like cream you said

Just be quiet
for it’s not words
I want from your mouth now

Peeling off the designer inhibitions we wear
we dress ourselves with one another
The weight of your fragrance fills my pores
as my appetite is nourished
by the deliciously salty taste of your fleshy petals

I want no more
than to hear your low moans
as I explore your electric body currents


nothing exists beyond
your tracing of my pale pure lilies
your exploration through my low garden of black orchids

Now the bud that grew in darkness
is spread open and shined upon
as I am
in your arms

As fleeting as a flower
this ecstasy has burst through the repressing soil
and from flirtatious seedling
to arrogant rose
we have grown

And though the moment wilted
walked on by time
the five senses          

March 18, 1993   
Tressa Lee Breen

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