The Unicorn's Widow

The Unicorn’s Widow

Were you born with the hint of it
a nubbin
the glance of a fable
that grew with you
to become an epic

What did those school yard younglings
with their flat featureless foreheads
say when you trotted out to play

Did you spend your Sundays corralled in a pew
surrounded by eyes that whipped you with stares

Did you marry
a man who saw the woman behind the myth
or a groom who saw a bridal handle to a virgin

After galloping through almost all of life
you had it separated from you
or did you unwillingly lay down your lance

Perhaps for the first time you could see everything clearly
but could you still see yourself

Did you mourn
lost and unbalanced
the innocence and the magic taken
by a lifetime of pressure from the herd

June 14, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen

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