Teacher's Pet

Teacher’s Pet

I was curious for you to read my life
so I copied down my soul
and handed you the years

I had hoped that my words would see you
and that your spirit might feel the embrace of another
I write to me
but sometimes let people read over my shoulder
Giving “understanding of the word” is not a goal
sharing the feeling is my aspiration
Garnering any wisdom
no matter how general or detailed
is always advantageous
but secondary
I wish to live learning
but have no desire to be taught

And now I find myself in discourse with a teacher
who doesn’t seem to understand
it’s not the pen on paper
but the hand on skin that moves me
Don’t just tell me what you think
show me what you feel
If I can surround you with emotion
the how and why are not important

Don’t let the lessons of your past
become the teachings of your future
You’re not standing at a podium
and I’m not sitting at a desk
Look me in the eye from across a round table
and share your knowledge with me
Ask me, “Do you understand?”
Never assume, “She doesn’t understand”

a teacher must always be ready
to learn

February 21, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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