Sylvia's Path

Sylvia's Path    (revised)

From The Edge
The Lazarus Lady wrote:

"Every decade she does this-
rings the bell and smashes the jar of her old self,
throwing it down deep.
She's been pulled back twice,
but the third time...
ah the Trinity is indeed Holy.
She fell unhindered,
no new self caught and brought back,
only the old remained,

I've stood on her cliffs and wondered
if there were rocks below...
or did she land in a warm sea
and does she drown there still?

Though I've walked part of her trail,
the rest I've let overgrow.
She made her way,
she chose the fall,
as I have chosen to leave the shards of her
wherever they may have landed.

June 28, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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