Spirit Of A Horse God

Spirit Of A Horse God

He looked like a God with the Spirit of a Horse
as he rode toward me
the male
the beast
so alike
blending in the waves of heat
swirls of excitement
even as they stopped and parted
and he came to me
and as I hung from his lips
love’s willing suicide

I am no earth stunned angel
I have dreamt him in the nude
dancing with his body electric

He is no tame bedmate
he has roiled me in the bedclothes
and we have both roared in our wildness

I remember the way he tastes
when my tongue goes crazy in the dead of day
My hips sway and dance
when I watch him ride
they move like a poem
which male
which beast
one and same
in the rhythm of motion

January 31, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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