Spin Cycle Lament

Spin Cycle Lament  

I drag and carry the soiled worn memories
to the dark corner in my soul
Old and rusty white
toothless and gaping mouthed
the bought purifier
gobbles up my dirty past
Powder snowflake absolution
liquid sunshine cleansing
Water drowning
paths not ventured
schools not gone to
words not written
songs not sung
roles not played
pictures not drawn
risks not taken
Rinsing away
jobs hated but worked
uncomfortable but safe places stayed
compromises unwanted but made
lovers taken but not loving
time lived not alive
Spinning out
the same old cloth
the same old days to wear
Then the twin inhales them
burning deep
searing in weaved patterns
I slip them over me
surrounded by their artificial warmth
with synthetic purity clinging to them
like toxic mountain flowers

March 11, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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