Sleep Chaser

Sleep Chaser

Running through the dark waves behind my eyelids
I search for dreams in my stormy brain

My body lists endlessly
heaving itself into every direction

The more I search
the farther my goal
The longer the hunt
the shorter my prize’s duration

There are always the drugs to cheat and win
but they hang on my shoulders long after the victory

I race that which does not move
My sanity stays afloat only because I can occasionally attain it

But too often it alludes me
seeming to laugh at my tired face

All I want is for my rational to go blank
For a few hours to forget to think

But when the time has come
the tide slows me down once more

and I look again for that formless thing
which embraces me in a warm bath of rest

February 27, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen

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