Passing Through A Painted Vail

Passing Through A Painted Vail

I'm passing through your painted vail,
refusing to let summer set this time
without love.

You know what I am thinking
but your feigned submission weighs heavy
making you so hard to find
as I try to stay caught in your eye.

When I wish of us,
each within our gaze,
drinking of us
till the end of days.

You are no trinket buried in the sand
and when I hear your laughter flowing down the hallway
the air begins to glisten.

I am at ease
and this is how I want to spend my days.
My soul feels no longer caged.
There is no prowler's nocturne echoing from deep down.

You've had to many last nights in your life,
too many desperate hours as the earth shook with your tears
from one more whispered good-bye.

Yes I love you.
Let me gently wrap you in trust,
not with sorcery or some simple twisting of fate
but with caresses of honesty.
Don't keep yourself hundreds of feet away.

Together we can be amazing.

August 26, 2003
Tressa Lee Breen

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