Painted Vail

Painted Vail

I was amazed
that you expected even a brush-stroked yielding
I knew what you were thinking
but I'm much harder to find

You wished me beneath your gaze
and wanted to drink of me
but I have better ways
to spend my days
and refused to submit
to being a trinket

The sound of your laughter
is like glistening sand
from deep down within a cage
as I spend desperate hours singing a soulful prowler's nocturne
waiting for the last night in our so called lives together

You'll never hear me cry
but you'll feel the earth shake
when I whisper good-bye

Yes you say you love me to my face
but there are no gentle caresses
so by a little sorcery I simply twist our fate
and I am always hundreds of feet away

August 26, 2003
Tressa Lee Breen

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