Making Love With Eternity revised

Making Love With Eternity   

The stainless steel sings to me
a persistent lover’s haunting melody
aching to caress my peach pale arms
and kiss my blue veins

Cold against my wrist
but warm in my pulse
licking my flesh
and shining an embrace to me

Calling my name in a slicing whisper

I am afraid
for I have never considered opening myself up in this way

But the seduction is beyond inviting
and I can feel the blood of me run
garnets and rubies and roses
showering down on me
from me

first the pain
as with all unions
then enfoldment
and the muscle sighing relaxation of my diamond fisted body
and the absolute releasing of all
that I was
and might have been

And as orgasmic consummation is completing
my life weakened eyes will close
my cupid bow lips kissed red will smile

I will sleep in my lover’s embrace at last

February 19, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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