Love Spell (incomplete/unperformed)

Love Spell not complete, never done, Jan. 2002

Self made love oil:
Red sand from Garden of the Gods, CO, feminine
Jasmine, feminine, Venus, water
Red rose bud powder, feminine, Venus, water
Rosemary powder, masculine, sun, fire
Chili pepper powder, masculine, Mars, fire
Hematite, masculine, Saturn, fire
Rose Quartz, feminine
Midnight Sex Oil from The Cat, The Crow and The Crown in Salem, MA
Cedar oil, masculine, purification, sun, fire
Lavender oil, masculine, purification, mercury, air
Moon water (lemon slices in water), feminine
Sun water (orange slices in water), masculine
Mixed in mineral oil the
5 feminine
6 masculine
1 air masculine
1 earth feminine
2 water feminine
4 fire masculine

Success incense
Love candle
Heart shaped red glass bottle
Incense and charcoal
Red stone from Garden of the Gods, CO

Purification Of Space with Broom:
Cleanse and Purify
Cleansing and Purifying
Cleansed and Purified

Circle Casting/Dismantling with Wand/Athame:
Over the Zeme (Earth) that supports me
Through the Oras (Air) that fills me
With the Ugnis (Fire) that motives me
Next to the Vanduo (Water) that sustains me
This Ciklas (Circle) is made

Quarter Calls/Dismissals:
Siaure – North, Zeme – Earth
Rytai – East, Oras – Air
Pietus – South, Ugnis – Fire
Vakarai – West, Vanduo – Water
? – Center, Dvasia – Spirit

Calling God/dess:
Dama – Lady
Motina – Mother
Dievas – God
Tevas – Father

Altar and Tools Blessing with Incense:
I bless these tools and this altar
That they may be a solid foundation for my work


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