Loosing My Religion 2: Alien idea is beginning to make more sense

I just got into contact with an old friend who has recently become a BAC (born again Christian). He asked how someone who had been born again had "fallen away" and become Pagan (and now, no religious affiliation). 

To make a long story short, it ended with me saying that the idea that the planet was seeded is something I actually can understand. I would bet there is someone or more likely a group of someones trying to make an artificial womb so that couples who can't have kids can without a surrogate. Perhaps more advanced beings, who were once like us long ago, did just that on a planetary scale and here we are. They would be Deity-like to us due to their advanced state. No, I don't think they are somehow "in contact" with us (and that is mistaken for "God"). (It's not like parents can visit their embryo in the uterus -"so how's your womb with a view? fetus don't fail me now!") I think it would be more like a nuclear reaction, once it's started, it must run it's course (no interference can make changes). 

That makes more sense to me than any religion's creation story I have come across so far. 

April 6, 2007

Loose (loos), adjective, looser, loosest, adverb, verb, loosed, loosing:
free or released from fastening or attachment,
free from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered.

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