Life pouches for K&C

Life pouches for Kevin and Carrie   April 2000 

Small pouch, fruit print on black, gold trim (Carrie)
Pouch from Mexico (Kevin)

1-Moonstone-feminine energy, night’s gifts (dreams, shadows, silence)

1-Tiger’s Eye (brown)-masculine energy-strenght of character, overcome fears/doubts of self, starting off in business

1-Turquoise-health, happiness, protection

2-Amethyst-meditations, dream magick, repel negativity

2-Clear Quartz-success in all fields

1 Amethyst and 1 Clear Quartz for fruit pouch

The rest for Mexico pouch with-

Parsley-physical well being, health, strength, vitality

Rosemary-contentment, love

Chamomile Flowers-peace

Thyme powder-courage, strength


Cedar oil or cedar incense

Purify items with oil or incense


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