Justin And Maya

Justin And Maya

A speeding shadow flashes overhead
then again
and on the pure beach sand lands
not one
but two

Although different
in fair feather and fit form
they are
in frolicking flight
an aeronautic Gemini

Animals of such kaleidoscope colors
that they pale the sapphire reflection
of the emerald ocean before them

Their voluminous voices have such intricate interlocking harmonies
but the marriage of song holds the same growing melody
yet each project unique powerful pitches and keen keys
They enchant earthly ears

On wave broken rocks the sages sit
perched no more than a rainbowed wing’s distance apart
while around them
eager avian friends gather
vying for their uninterrupted attentions

Rouged sky wafts the blue blanket of night over the horizon
and the caring companions surrounding them
hesitatingly begin to disperse
till soon
in solitary splendor
the benign beasts go back to the stars
leaving only feathers floating in moonlight

In the cobalt diamond hue of midnight
they once again become
not two
but one
with Harts that will survive
beyond existence

April 29, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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