J One

J One

To gain the friend
I must loose the lover I never had

Is it better
to be conversed
or kissed

Can platonic passions rage
where something different smolders

Have I found
a future friend
or a soon to be
past regret

And if we were to love
would he
in my bed
mean him
out of my life

How are we to be any good for one another
if we are neither truly friends nor lovers

Are stolen conversations all that we may share

and where
do I draw the lines of conduct and contact
when what I want
is to cut through the air between our lips

Everything crashes into me
those California waves
those do’s and don’ts

Can I even be his friend
or am I becoming an emotional
if sexless

And then there’s the truly evil pebble of doubt
Is this the life I’m living
or the game he’s playing 
To gain the truth
I must take the chance       

January 16, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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