It's time to make Hollywood squeaky clean: a review of "Tinseltown"

Tinseltown    (1997)
     It’s time to make Hollywood squeaky clean.
Director: Tony Spiridakis.
Based on the play "Self Storage."
Starring: John Considine (Wolfie), David Dukes (in the last two scenes only but he shines) (Jake), Arye Gross (Max), Joe Pantoliano (Arnie), Ron Perlman (reprising his stage role) (Cliff), Kristy Swanson (Nikki), Tom Wood (Tiger).
     A broke would be screenwriter and his would be agent (Tom Wood and Arye Gross) are forced to live in a self storage facility run by an eccentric and intimidating manager (Ron Perlman) whom they come to believe is the serial murderer that is terrorizing the city, the "Costume Killer" (so named because, after injecting his victims with Windex, he dresses them in silly costumes). They convince him his life story would make a great film and gather together a group of misfit wannabe film makers and discover that the art of movie making can be murder.
     There is more to this movie but it was unfortunately left on the editing room floor and it shows (rumor is the studio wanted a "lighter" dark comedy). Our loss (and the actors, who all do fine jobs and deserve better) as this has the makings of an exceptional black comedy but only rises to mediocre cute.
     Worth a rent.
     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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