In Your Shadow revised

In Your Shadow    (revised)

He held my hand
after I came into this life
First child of his child
and did not let go
till I held his hand
as he left this life for the next

I could feel his pulse still beating in my palm
when I saw your familiar face
in the land of make believe

I took comfort there
in the story you helped tell
and in mourning that you
I mourned him too

The tale touched many
and you won the prize for your part
mentioning the long departed parent of your parent
in gratitude

Then in thirty odd day your song
with its white stone mast marked Memorial
sailed through green grass
and set foot on my shore
and in those primal grunts of old but eternal sadness
I heard the echoes of Grandfathers

Now I grieve a little less
The loss is not as gone
for when I see you
I see both mine and yours
in your shadow

June 27, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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