In My Fantasy

In My Fantasy

In my fantasy
my sadness was drowning
but it learned to swim
Whirlpooling me
going down on me
spilling up over the rim

Then you came and dashed my sorrow away
like the northern star destroying darkness
with it’s light

You have become my daydream
an obsession with a heartbeat
and like sap through a tree
I want you to flow through me
No worries of do I ask too much
I mean what I say
when I speak the words
I want you
Let me be your thoughts, emotions, lusts,
and all your time

I don’t worry if it’s possessive
the day will come
when the fetish will be killed
and the light will be dowsed

But not today

Let me steal this moment from you now
Let us exchange this experience

March 11, 1995
Tressa Lee Breen

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