The seed of a decade begins to blossom
My skill sculpts my talent till
One vision
launches me into space

In a moment I move from midway to pinnacle
On point I am prime
I can be challenged by work
Choose from the gifted their imaginings
and help create tomorrow's mythology

Every dream has a shadow
A darkness that assumes a wildness
not wholly mine
It grows in the lights
across oceans and minds I don't know
backlashing my loves
and lifting my peace

I am losing my spirit in sparkle
My mind to a story I can't remember writing
A mirror image stalks me
birthed in half truths and lies
and I am loosing the line where it dies
and I live

My need for space becomes sacred
Back to the land of my soul's earth
Emerald green, barrier blue, uluru red
Where those who know
remind me of that which I sometimes forget

My body stops running in place
and embraced is my heart by all life there

I know where home is

November 18, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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