Harvest Water

Harvest Water
Mabon 2005
First snow water, fall 2004
Lightening water, summer 2004
(from "Mabon: Celebrating The Autumn Equinox" by Kristin Madden, pgs. 58-65)
ACORN (one, whole)-All the potential of the great oak tree.  Symbol of cycles of life, the seasons, immortality.  Go within to seek own truths, reflect upon personal harvest, evoke own greatness and grow to do wonderful things.
APPLE (one red apple, cut and crushed)-fun superstition-Unicorns live beneath apple trees, may see one in an orchard on a misty day.
CEDAR (powder and oil)-purifying, prevents nightmares, attracts beneficial energies, protects against attacks both physical and psychic, prosperity, increases psychic abilities.
CHAMOMILE (flowers, home grown)-prosperity, relaxation, meditation, purification, protection.
CORN (one, fresh, cut from cobb)-fertility, blessing, offering.
FRANKINCENSE (incense, crushed)-purification, protection, raises vibrations of those in its presence, eliminates destructive energies.
GRAPES (fresh, green, crushed)-fertility, money.
MYRHH (incense, crushed)-purifies, uplifts, healing, consecrating, trance work.
PINE (oil)-fertility, creativity, purification, protection, healing.
POMEGRANATE (one, fresh, cut, hand crushed, skin whole)-blessings, fertility, prevents negativity from entering.
ROSES (red rose petals, crushed)-healing, protection, visionary dreams.
RUE (wild harvested)-protection.
SAFFRON (powder, Gram's shelf)-lifts spirits, increases visioning abilities.
SAGE (powder)-healing, purification, protection, cleansing.
SUNFLOWER (one flower, Gram's garden)-fertility, brings wisdom.
THISTLE (wild harvested)-energy, strength, purification, break or deflect spells cast against one, healing.
WHEAT (three small heads)-fertility, prosperity.

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